Sunday, November 09, 2008

Free iPod, eh?

Here's the free ipods proof:

Here's a interview with the Ceo of Gratis Company (owner of several freebie sites including from CNN (same video above).

So, all this hype over what? Is it real? Well I can assure you that it is. Click here to view the NBC interview with. The NBC interview is a prime example of the word getting out about and all the other affiliated sites. To download the video file, click here.

You can rest assured that these sites are 100% legit. For even more proof, click here to see the TechTV piece on by clicking here. TechTV is one of the most trusted names in tech advice on television. I know that this all seems to good to be true, however, as long as advertisers are making money, we will be able to have our site. To download it, click here.

The follow up to the first TechTV piece. Gives you some information about how works. Phone interview with Co-Founder of Gratis Network. Download the interview here.

FreePay - Their homepage where you can find thousands of photos of who have received their free products and dozens of links to articles.

Here's some photos of what I have received from Gratis: So far I got a free ipod shuffle, free psp and free ipod nano.

Click on the product you would like for free (you may have one of each!!!) Also you must sign up through clicking on the picture in order to have your referral link displayed on this site.

Warning: Huge number of people have been spamming in the forums about free stuff. Obviously, 99% of it is a scam. Because of this, I also had to turn off my comments. However, these companies are legit. You can do the research if you still think these is a scam after seeing CNN, TechTV, New York Times reporting that things like free video ipods exists.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

iPod Walk Through

Gratis Internet is the company behind a wave of new websites including The offers include Free Xbox 360, Free iPod, and PSPs, which are all FREE. While this may seem too good to be true, it's not. All of Gratis's sites are completely advertiser supported. They make money from each completed offer. Although the exact price is not disclosed, some can reach as high as $75 per referral. No worries though, the process is quite simple and painless to complete and it is explained step by step to you below.

This guide is written as if you were signing up for a Free iPod.

NOTE: We strongly recommend reading our FAQ (next post) before beginning this walkthrough.

1) Open up another free email account from hotmail or yahoo. Personally, I didn't receive any spam in 2 years, however I wouldn't take any chances. Again, 1 more small reason why CNN reports these companies as legitimate.

2) After acquiring an email, you will need to sign up (using Internet Explorer) at (it is appreciated if you use one of the referral links above). Pick which iPod you want and enter in your email and password. Then click Next Step.

3) You will be prompted for your name and address to which they will ship your free iPod Nano.

4) Next will be a series of questions. Feel free to click Yes, but if you click No you will not be penalized in any way.

5) On the next page, if you desire, you can enter in some of your friend's e-mail addresses, but it's not necessary. Just click the "Skip this Step" button to proceed to the Offers page.

6) Although the offers change very often, the AOL, Video Professor, and Real Arcade offers seem to be the easiest of the offers that don't go away. Some other good offers that show up from time to time include and NOTE: If you do not wish to share your credit card, there are options available. Some banks offer charged cards that have a certain amount of money on them. Also, is another great option. Basically a it's a prepaid credit card. You can use it like you would do with any other credit card.

Currently, is the best offer to complete because it's a 7 day free trial. Which means that they will only charge your credit card if you don't cancel before the trial ends. You will get credit in 1-2 days. Never cancel immediately after you get credit. Wait a couple of days then cancel if you don't like the service.

7) Be Sure to activate your account by going to the My Account page and clicking the activation link. If this e-mail doesn't seem to come through, check your spam folder and your spam filters.

8) After you have completed an offer, you need to get five others to do the same. This is where we come in. By signing through the pictures (beginning of this site), I will put your referral link on this page. This will help you a lot by letting you get a lot of referrals. Even though this site will help you a lot, you need to tell your family members and friends (be sure to read all of the FAQ to prevent fraud) Remember, since Gratis is 100% advertiser supported, they know when your referrals are not unique, so don't refer yourself. Gratis has many ways to check for cheaters. Don't try to cheat.

9) Once you and eight of your friends have completed an offer and Gratis has approved your account, it's time for you to order your free iPod. You will be asked to confirm your name and shipping address (remember, no P.O. Boxes) and then your status will change from pending, to in progress, to shipped. Once your order has shipped, there might be a tracking number on your status page.

1) Create a new e-mail address.
2) Sign up at one of the six websites above
3) Complete 1 offer
4)Refer some 5 friends to do the same thing
5) Wait 2-3 weeks for your free item

New to the whole free product market? Having trouble getting referrals?
That is what theGratisGuide is here for!!! To get more referrals, you need your account to get exposure. The way to do that is to post your link on the internet somewhere. However, you can't just post it anywhere. Some places don't want you to post it, and other places where they do let you post it, no one goes there and looks. That is what theGratisGuide is here for. What we do is offer a place where people with existing accounts meet new people to the "free product" community. To keep this process going and to keep it successful as it is, refer people to this website ( as opposed to referring them to (or another site) directly. This site gets 100s of unique hits each day, guarenteeing you referrals for your free ipod site or any other site. Let us know if you have any suggestions for the site or anything that is on your mind.

To have your referral link placed at this website, you must sign up by clicking one of the free products above(the pictures) and complete 1 offer. Once you have received credit for the offer, I will put your refferal link on this website and it will stay on this website till you have some refferals.

Email me at with the email labeled thegratisguide, with the following:
1) The offer you completed
2) Email used during signup
3) Your referral link for the website

When a spot becomes avalaible, your referral link will be advertised on this website until you get some greens (people who have completed an offer). This usually takes 1 week. As you probably know, even though this site will help you get some referrals, you need to tell your friends and family members to help you out. Obviously, they won't believe a word your saying until you show them some proof. Refer them to this site, so they can check out the proof.

Note: You have to sign up by clicking the picture above for which ever site you want in order to have your referral link advertised. I will advertise your referral link for any site you comlete. For example, if you completed an offer for free ipod and free psp site then I will only advertise your referral link for those 2 sites. Refer to the Questions and Answer section below. If you have any questions, email me at or leave a comment.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Free... Questions and Answers

  • Is this a scam?
    If you still think or is a scam after seeing its stories on WHDH-NBC Boston,,, the New York Sun, and CNN, there's no convincing you. I got my free iPod & I'm in contact with 10 people whose Free iPods are "Sent to Vendor, Waiting on Product." Scroll up for proof.
  • What do I need to get one of these free iPod or any other free items?
    All you need is a U.S. shipping address (not a P.O. Box) and a credit card. This offer is also valid in UK, Canada and Germany.
  • Will I get a lot of e-mail by signing up?
    Gratis Network holds the right to send their users promotional emails once they join our site. This can be seen in the Terms and Conditions found on every Gratis Network site. They are solicited email, because a user who joins their site (ex. is agreeing to the terms and conditions, and thus may receive marketing emails or promotional emails from them. Gratis does not sell a list of e-mails to other companies.
  • Can I get more than one iPod or Flatscreen TV or Desktop PC?
    No; no matter how many referrals you have in an account, you can only get 1 free item from it. You can have 1 account at each site: one at, one at, one at Referrals are non-transferable between sites, so once you get your needed referrals, and extra referrals are worthless.

  • Which offer should I complete?
    Real Rhapsody is the best offer. It's a online music service. You will be charged $10 a month and will receive instant credit. If you do not like the service cancel it so you will be only charged $10. Just remember not to cancel right away after you recieve credit for the offer. WAIT a few days and if you don't like the offer then cancel it. By cancelling the offer right away, Gratis can put your account for fraud. There also It's a 7 day free trial. You'll get credit in 1-2 days. Remember you only have to do 1 offer.

  • If I don't live in the US am I able to receive an Free iPod or any free item?
    Yes, you can still recieve a free Apple iPod. You must live in Canada, UK or Germany to be able to sign up for the offer.
  • It has been a vary long time since i finished my Free iPod account and I still don't have an iPod, is it ever coming?
    Yes, it is coming!!!! we have received word that iPods are coming shortly.
  • Am I legally allowed to resell my item for cash?
    yes, this item is yours. you may do with it what you wish.
  • If i get more than 5 people to sign up for, am I able to get 2 iPods?
    No, you are only going to get 1 iPod. the deal is 1 item per person.
  • Can referrals be completed on the same computer for the same account?
    We are not quite sure about this. We have seen offers not go through because of multiple referrals being done on the same computer (IP). Although, we have seen it work as well. To play it safe, we suggest doing everything on separate computers. DO NOT sign up at public places such as libraries, schools etc. The only exception to the rule is if you live in a college.
  • My account has been put on hold, What do i do now?
    If your account has been put on hold, this means that you have violated the terms and conditions of Gratis internet or whatever site you are going through. The only way to get off hold is to contact gratis internet (or the affiliated company) and tell them the story. with this complaint you will need to attach any information and pleads your case. this will make it so that your case will get through faster. If you have indeed broke the terms and conditions, then you really have some problems. You can still attempt to contact them however you really will have no case to plead so you probably aren't going to get anything out of it. Some common things that are done are signing up someone under the same computer (which is ok, however we have heard this problem a lot), sending 2 ipods to the same address, or using the same credit card on the same offer.

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